"Michael is thoroughly enjoying the tapes——especially "Louie"-—- and shares Dan & Louie with others. This is an investment well spent. Thank you for making the opportunity available in this manner."MS,Columbia,MO

"Please excuse my late payment. My daughter and I receive such a blessing from them! I would not want to jeopardize us receiving them. Thank you."GB,Worland,WY

"Just a note to tell you that we have really enjoyed the tapes. Our six year old son, Justin, plays them every night until he goes to sleep. By the time he gets his new ones he just about has them memorized. He sure gets tickled at Louie. Thanks a lot."IG,Ashdown,AR

"My children received your set of Dan & Louie tapes and greatly love the series. Thank you for such great Bible tapes."MD,Bismarck,ND

"I purchased the Children's Bible on cassette last fall and gave them to my granddaughter, age 10, for Christmas. She has already listened to all 24 tapes twice and is starting on the 3rd time. She really likes them and I am very favorably impressed with their content. Thank you Bro. Betzer for preparing such a wonderful tool for teaching children the Bible truths."PS,Lynnwood,WA

"Dan & Louie have been a blessing to my son and daughter, and also, to my husband and I. They go in the car everyplace with us."F.Dillenbeck,Greene,NY

"Dan & Louie: You have been so much a part of our children's lives. My mother bought the whole set for the kids. Please come back to our church. I want the kids to see you. You are so special. Please make some more tapes. Please! Please! Giffords,Beavercreek,OR

"My son's grandparents ordered for him your complete set of tapes. He really enjoys them."DM,Claremore,OK "Our family would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your tape ministry. It has been a real blessing to us. Our two boys who are 7-1/2 and 6 years old have learned so much from them."GB,Ft. Rucker, AL

"We have so enjoyed the tapes and have been ministered to through them. We didn't want to miss any of them. Thank you so much for your kindness and patience in letting us pay monthly for them.Love in Christ". B.M.,Swartz Creek,MI

"I want you to know how much your tapes have touched not only my own 3 children, but an entire church's Sunday School. Whenever we have a lesson to teach, the first question is "do you have any Louie tapes?" It seems like we always do! My kids, ages 9, 6- 1/2 and 3-1/2, fall asleep to your tapes every night. They have a good grasp of the Bible and different concepts that are normally very difficult for children. Please keep us on your mailing list. We want anything else you have to offer."L.H.,Tucson, AZ.

"My grandson loves these stories and it is amazing how much he has learned. He is 11 years old and seldom attends Sunday School, so he is learning from The Children's Bible tapes. God bless you."E.Bridgeton,Dyerstown,TN

"I want to tell you how much our family enjoys the tapes. Our children are 7 & 8. We don't watch much TV and they want a tape playing all the time. My husband and I, also, enjoy them. We like the added information given in the narrations too: ie. meaning of book names, climate in the Bible lands, etc. Thank you for your efforts. Because we hear Dan & Louie so often, we are reminded to pray for this ministry which is so valuable to us! May God richly bless you as you serve him by ministering to his precious children."C.Igielski,Wisconsion

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